Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's Next?

From a Harper article about Leyritz:

"Still, you wonder if Yankee fans are walking around feeling the way that Mets fans too often have over the years, wondering what's next."

Hahahaha, I love it! We've done it. We've won the World Series twice, don't automatically choke because we've got "Boston" on our chests, and so when people look for some type of "cursed" team for a comparison, they think of some other team. Praise Gedman.

However, Harper reverts to general Yankee retarded-think:

"After all, you can make the case that their season ended prematurely because of a strange attack of bugs in Cleveland that unnerved Joba Chamberlain and perhaps changed the outcome of Game 2 against the Indians."

Yeah, because the bugs came out and attacked ONLY ONE GUY. Hello??? Is this really gonna be something for the "nobody remembers it how it really happened" list? Something so simple and obvious? Are humans the dumbest creatures on earth or what? The bugs came on the field, and the Cleveland players all dealt with it. Carmona was standing there, bugs in his eyes and on his face, mowing down the Yankees. The batters that faced Joba had the same bugs in their eyes as he did. Can this incident fall into the "what's next?" category for the Yanks? Sure, but not because they were singled out unfairly (by bugs, hellooooo???). Because they're a bunch of chokers.

Okay, so I'm totally late on this because vacation time has kept me off the internet for a while, but, honestly, if I read one more "it was the bugs" article, blog entry or message board comment, I'm going to punch someone.

What the hell? Yeah, it was the bugs. It wasn't they Yankees lack of pitching or scoring...

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