Sunday, December 09, 2007


[Update, 4:00: Like last year, they've put the September weekday games on sale. Go get 'em now.]

The Opening Day packs sold out within an hour. It would be 12 before I got through to the ticket office at all. No, I didn't sit there for the full 12. I even drove to CT, and now I'm on my way to NYC to visit Chan and Gumby, who's on taking his annual trip to the east coast. Which is way safer than Iraq, where he sometimes has to go. So the main tickets I wanted were gone, but I still figured I could get a couple of single tickets to April/May games, even though I'll already have four from my 10-game plan. Or a foursome of seats or something. As I was about to order, though, the ticket office went offline or something. So I waited until morning, but there were plenty of tix available. I figured I'd wait on the foursome until they release the summer games. So this morning I got a nice single in section 10 for 30 bucks to a day game, and another upper bleacher for another day game for 12 bucks. Tip: If you want standing room, just buy upper bleacher for 12 instead of the 20-dollar standing room tickets, and then go stand in the same spot you'd stand in if you had SRO tickets. Perfectly legal. Whenever I want SRO, I just buy upper bleacher if there are any.

Anyway, it doesn't look good for me seeing the ring ceremony. But if any of you have an extra opening day ticket, write me. We'll make a deal. I have Yankee games. And a shiny Kennedy half-dollar, if you wanna swap for that, Bobby Brady-style.


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