Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tix & Pix

To clear up confusion--when I said the other day that I got tickets to the "big day," I was referring to the day the Red Sox break the all-time consecutive sellout streak, September 3rd vs. Baltimore. I just checked now, and you can still get infield grandstand seats one behind the other, if you want. Don't pay the ridiculous prices. Go to the source. They're right there now. (If you don't know how to get "piggy back" seats, uh, e-mail me I guess.)

I snapped this pic on Sunday, while driving, on my way home from New York. Yankee Stadium with the new Yankee Stadium peeking out from behind it. It's getting there.

At Chan's new apartment in NYC, he's got this little screen which shows you who's at the door downstairs. Here's our friend Gumby as seen through it.

In B&W, he looks a little like Mikey Lowell!!

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