Saturday, December 01, 2007

Timlin Scratch Fever

Mike Timlin will be back with the Sox next year, it appears. Sweet. Love having him on my baseball team. (In my political action committee, not so much.) In 2012 the Red Sox will celebrate Fenway Park and Mike Timlin each turning one hundred years old. And maybe Mike can celebrate his new contract by letting some deer go free this season. Come on, Mike, you've proven your dominance over their species, as long as you're the one with the gun. Let it go!

I had read recently that Theo said he's "moving the ball forward" with one of the dudes--I kind of figured he meant Timlin. That Theo, he really likes to move spheres in a forward direction. Now let's make Gagne that zero-dollar offer, get him signed by somebody else, and move on.

Love the Nugent/Timlin connection!
Ha. Thanks. If I tried harder, I could've made a better pun.

Michael: 0 indeed.
And as soon as Gags moves on, we'll get a couple draft pics....that's the silver lining of an ugly storm cloud that was Eric's Red Sox career....legacy stuff,

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