Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santana Deal Gathering Moss

And as I went to bed last night, I was given only this from the Globe's Extra Bases blog. Terrrible job. I'm no Edes-hater, but Gordon, sometimes it's the articles you don't write that win you the big awards. That one sounded like he taped a conversation in a random office break room in Framingham, and then gathered up some of the more common quotes. He should've just said, "there's no news on Santana."

Funny how the Yanks are trying to be like us so much these days, (well, they want to win, don't they?) that they actually said no to a deal that was Full Huggies, the BreastMelk Man, and two other babes wrapped in pinstriped swaddling clothes...for Johan Santana. It's like the kid who tries to hard and just goes too far. Dude, yeah, it's cool to keep your prospects and not just overspend or give up too much to get whichever star happens to pass by that day, but when you have a chance to get one of the best pitchers in the game (and what did we say about pitching winning championships, Yanks? Ya 'member? 'member?), you just do it! Especially when the other team still hasn't found an offer as good as the one you took off the table! This once-proud organization is gonna figure this all out one day, I juuuust know it.

Oh, and I got an e-mail back from the Sox--they say the 10-game plan renewal forms will arrive in the mail "soon," and the deadline for payment will be January 15th. I see the web-version of the form is up on the team site already. So I just need to know my exact payment amount, and more importantly, which games I'm getting, so I know before I start buying (other) tickets this Saturday.


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