Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rice (Not The One From Cloak & Dagger)

CHB thinks Jim Rice will make the Hall of Fame this year. I was thinking since next year is his last chance, that'll be the year where a lot of voters finally say, Okay, now you can have my vote. But I'll take this year. Over these last 13 years of Rice-hoping, the one thing I've never thought of is whether or not I'd go to Cooperstown to see him inducted. Well, now I've thought of it--and the answer is a resounding yes. And I know my girlfriend would love to go, too. She's made "vote Jim Rice" T-shirts and stuff in the past.

In the photo that goes along with the Globe story, you'll notice something awesome. Jim Rice is using Rich Gedman's bat! See the "10" on the knob? Any guesses on the date of the photo? Day game, late 80s, I'd say. Can rule out '87, no 75th anniversary of Fenway patch. In '89, Rice batted right in front of Evans (on deck in photo) a lot, so I'd go with that year. Random guess: 5/6/89 vs. Texas.

That would be cool. Maybe I'll go too.
Awww, I'm definitely there! This is Jim Ed's year!
Hey, think of me well today, Jere...I'm on my way to Yankee territory for a few days!
Lisa, hi! And Jere, 2008 and Jim Ed? Maybe a match made in Heaven, or to be more exact, on the turf at our Fenway. I wish him the best.

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