Saturday, December 15, 2007

Me Babbling About Tix Again

I always complain about the scalping agencies, but don't think I don't feel the fees the Red Sox themselves charge for tickets aren't ridiculous. The face value is high enough, why do they have to add so much in fees?

The actual price you pay for a 12-dollar upper bleacher seat can be as high as $25.75. (If you're buying just one, over the internet, and choosing print-at-home.) The per-ticket fee is $4.25. The overall service fee for each order is $7.00. And print-at-home is $2.50. Add it to the 12 bucks, and you're actually paying more than double for your ticket. A 26-dollar bleacher seat is almost 40 bucks.

I almost bought a front-row bleacher seat just now. (Above the high wall in center.) But then I thought, Is 40 worth it for having people walking right in front of me the whole game? But then, it's the front row! If it were really 26 bucks total, I'd have done it. But I've got Christmas shopping to do....and I've already got 13 games and the bulk of them haven't even gone on sale yet. So....if you want that front row seat, it's the May 20th game. Go now.


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