Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Latest On Santana (Same Old Crap) And Some Hut-ball

Here's the latest ESPN article, which talks about the Yanks-Twins talks being in trouble. Read it and tell me what you think. The more I hear, the more it feels like nobody's gonna get this guy because we want to keep these young guys. It's the hip thing to do after all. And honestly, it's the smart thing. Oh, did you see Edes in Extra Bases do a Santana (Carlos) pun? So basic, so terrible. Nothing like mine about the pots. Granted, I had to look up the lyrics, but at least I didn't just say "Oye Como Va!" What kind of a pun is that? You're just naming a Santana song!

I watched the second half of the Pats game tonight. I'm not a fan of the "other" Boston-area sports teams, if you didn't know that. But what an amazing finish. I "live-blogged" it over on Matty's blog. Against his will. Meaning, he probably still doesn't know I was doing it, as he's probably still partying. Oh wait, he just posted.

So, more on this whole "Boston sports as a whole" later. But now, it's back to the real season. Baseball season. We got trades to make, season ticket packages to renew, virtual waiting rooms to wait in. Let it snow, Channukah Harry, it's baseball season.

Santana Update: Just kidding.

I just want the Sox not to trade Ellsbury but not for Santana to end up in the Bronx. If we get him with a trade of Coco/Lester/Lowrie/Bowden-or-Masterson, I'm okay with that. If he stays in Minnesota or ends up some place like Anaheim, I'm okay with that, too.

But really--"But despite Boston's decision to include center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, there was no indication those two teams were getting any closer to a deal, either." You're kidding me, right? The Twins wanted HIM. That was who they said they'd trade for. What's up with that now? (I'm not complaining though!)
Hello Jere...and Lisa. I'm beginning to think that the Twins are determinded to hold on to Santana until desperateness comes in...the Yankees seem desperate right now, The Sox do not. And then there's Maude....oops...Bedard!
Angels GM Tony Reagins just told reporters that there was no truth to Angels being involved in Johan Santana negotiations. Reagins said he never talked to Twins.

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