Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jungle Timmy

Remember the commercial for those Wildlife Treasury cards? There was a kid in his room, and his mom brought him the cards, and he shared with us some of the animal trivia.

I remember exact lines, like mom saying, "Hey Jungle Timmy, more Wildlife Treasury cards just came!" and JT's description, "and a duck-billed platypus has feet like a duck, but is furry." And the kid's voice kind of gargled on "furry." Then the announcer would talk, I think, and both mom and Tim would look into the camera listening. Then mom sadly notes that "you could cancel after the first shipment," to which J-Tim asks, "but we won't, will we mom?"

It's not on GooTube. Somebody put it up. Thanks. Oh, and the cards came in a handy carrying case, or you could send away for it or something. Why do I remember this stuff?

I remember that, too. I think it just means that our brains have the ability to recall things we've seen or heard, even if we saw or heard them some time ago. I think you're reading into this too much...
JT's room was all jungled-out, as well, and I think he had a dumb safari hat.
How could anyone NOT remember this stuff?! It's permanently burned in my brain, taking up space that could've been used to make me a successful businessperson. Oh well.
I wonder what Jungle Timothy is up to these days.
"Jere said...
I wonder what Jungle Timothy is up to these days."

Probably OD'd on heroin--just like all the kids who got addicted to those cards.
Being the animal lover that I was, I got those cards for a while... for every cool one you got there were 19 more that were either one celled organisms or bugs. Very disappointing to an 8 or 9 year old!

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