Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Johan & Myers

I'll keep saying it: We're not giving up Jacoby. I feel like he was never really on the table. How could you give the guy up?

So now with the Yanks pulling a Homer and backing out of any deal, the Twins have to decide between our real offer and our fake Jacoby offer. If they're choosing Jacoby, we're sitting there right now going, "Oh...about that...what do you think of these other guys?" Maybe that's what's taking so long.

Basically, if the Twins won't take a non-Jacoby deal, they're stuck with Santana. That's just what I think, because that's the way I'd play it.

Update: Evan seems to think it's done: Santana goes to us, Jacoby stays.

I hope it's the Lester/Coco package, with the same two minor league minor league stars. That would be sweet...think of it. Beckett, Santana, Schilling, Buchholz and Wakes. Not bad, not bad at all. And Ells and Peds will be one-two in the batting order. I could live with that!!!! Wow, in fact. I like!!!!
And a guy who could end up being better than all of 'em: Dice-K.

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