Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ickey Shuffle

The latest kwiz has been answered. Ickey Woods was the guy. I was watching "I Love '89" on VH1, and they had a segment on that year's Super Bowl. Show me the Ickey Shuffle, I said to the TV, but to my surprise, it got no mention. They all just talked about Joe Montana. Anyway, the Shuffle was awesome. Way better than the Teuffel Shuffle. (Tim Teuffel is best known as the guy who let a grounder go through his legs to allow the winning run to score in a 1986 World Series game. Well, a guy.) In the clip above that I taped off TV in 1988, we see the "Ickey Ickey Shake." We also see Ickey doing the famous shuffle in front of a favorite Jet of mine from back then, Erik McMillan. First you'll see some other wacky end zone celebrations, though.

Great line by Costas toward the end, and then Rashad finishes it off with a comment on a theme of mine lately--the Irish Jig.


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