Sunday, December 02, 2007

House: Dark/Pots: Cold

...and then the Red Sox said they'd unfreeze Ted Williams, and include him in a trade...and then the Yankees decided to dig up Joe DiMaggio, and throw him in the mix...and then the Red Sox offered the Twins four wishes, but informed them that they should think long and hard about possible consequences before making each wish...

The big headline today was that a Santana deal isn't imminent. So look for one to happen five minutes from now. We will not give up Ellsbury. And the Yanks' offer of Breast Melky, Full Huggies, and a Diaper Dandy seems kinda weak to me. So who knows what the Twins will do.

Tonight I watched an old tape I made in '92, and it included a part of a Yankee game where Don Mattingly hits a foul pop, and a young Ivan Rodriguez makes the catch, reaching into the front row. "Baseball" gets pissed at the guy in the stands who allows Pudge II to get the ball. So Donnie proceeds to write a message on a baseball, probably something like "Don't be such an ass, help your team next time," and has the bat boy run it over to the fan. The fan reads it, and then thanks Mattingly by raising his arm and waving across the field. The play-by-play of the whole thing was done by the Scooter, who, when the guy raised his arm, proclaimed, "he gives him the Mussolini salute." I shit you not. I'll have to get that on the web one day. Also, there a Weird Al interview and performance on the Arsenio Hall show. Arsenio, before Al plays an original song, asks Al, "it's funny, right?" Lots of Danny Cooksey on the tape as well. So....

Looks like the Sox are ready to deal Ellsbury, if that's what it takes:

With the Minnesota Twins insisting on center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury in any trade for pitcher Johan Santana, the Red Sox have altered their offer and have told the Twins they are willing to include the outfielder.

But sources say the Red Sox have also told the Twins they will not trade left-handed pitcher Jon Lester and Ellsbury together in the package they are offering.

News from is that Theo has served up Ellsbury
Thanks. Allan aka Joy of Sox has been saying that Theo should do that, just to make the Yanks have to add more to their deal. From what I read, too, there are a lot of "might"s and "if"s, so who knows what's really going on. I still say we couldn't possibly let Jacoby go.
Not Ellsbury! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just freaking out a little here.
love arsenio AND weird al. I have to see that tape sometime.

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