Friday, December 28, 2007


My girlfriend and I have delved deeper into GINO-mania. Here's what we found:

Okay, once I saw a close-up of the actual logo of the GINO T-shirt and realized it was a picture of a guy with a microphone, it hit me: "This was a concert tour shirt. Of someone named..." And before I could finish that thought, I knew this must've been a Gino Vanelli shirt. I've seen enough TV commercials for '70s collections to know that name very well. His two big hits were "Living Inside Myself" and "I Just Wanna Stop." The latter was on the radio when I was little so often that my dad would tell my sister and I to stop--talking, yelling, fighting, whatever--simply by turning up the radio right when Gino would hit the word "stop."

We also read on a message board that the Celtics have tried to contact the original guy with the GINO shirt with no luck.

Here's the logo from the shirt (Our guy's version is just the GINO and the logo, no "Worldwide Tour" at the bottom), shown here on a concert program:

And here's someone's video from a Celts game which gives a better sense of the Gino experience, and how the crowd loves Gino. Or, at least the guy in the GINO shirt. (Note, in this vid, there's a guy in the crowd in a completely incorrect CafePress ringer GINO tee, that's not who I'm talking about. Keep watching after you see him--the real GINO appears several times):

Video courtesy eric02108

Here's some Gino Youtube action :
Thanks! That's funny, when I read about that, I ran to my DVDs to see if I had that episode in my SCTV boxset, but I didn't. Didn't think to check GooTube for it.....
I feel like a total nerd because I knew, without looking it up, that it was a Gino Vanelli shirt. :)

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