Friday, December 28, 2007

Gino Update

You may remember me talking about "Gino," the '70s American Bandstand dancer who's shown on the scoreboard at the Boston Garden during Celtics games. It's weird, I was going to start looking into this, to see if anyone's written about the phenomenon. But I forgot. Then I was on Google Maps, checking out Minneapolis Street Views, and I thought of that bridge collapse. I tried to figure out where it was, and I came up with the GooTube vid of it. The first video on the list or similar vids to that one was called "Gino Dances Celtics to Victory." (Because it happened to be from the same TV station as the bridge collapse vid.) So I forgot about the bridge and now I'm back to thinking about Gino (whose name might not even be Gino). So, here it is, a news report on Gino, which, may I point out, does a fine job of completely failing to capture the awesomeness of Gino.


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