Sunday, December 02, 2007

From Sudsbury To Bath

My girlfriend is a soapmaker. She's started a soap company called Stella Marie. Now, I don't know much about soap (you hide a hundred dollar bill from a hippie under it; it's made of whale/human fat; it stings when you get it in your eye; it cleans you and cars and dogs--that's about the extent of it), but I do know this about her soaps: They smell really good. Like, you will want to eat them. (Don't.) After I smelled one that had a brown sugar-type aroma, I had to go to the bag of brown sugar and eat a chunk.

And they have cool names, too. Like a mango soap with poppy seeds called "Big Poppy." And an apple soap called "the Bad Seed." That was my idea. Although my better idea of a crab apple soap called "Stab Apple"--a greenish bar with a red spot in the middle--was rejected. I think I might post any other rejected soap names here as they get turned down.

Anyway, she makes it all from scratch, but still keeps the prices reasonable (from what she tells me.) If you like soap, check it out. Tell your friends.

Remember, only 17 more shopping days until Louisiana Purchase Day! Shop now!

Note: Whenever I do these "plugs for friends/relatives/self," some major Red Sox news happens right after, knocking them down the page. So watch for that Santana deal soon! (I still say we're not giving up Jacoby "& Myers" Ellsbury.)

I now have this picture in my head that your place is like the house in Fight Club.
Something about this sentence -- "If you like soap, check it out." -- absolutely slays me. I am kind of hoping everyone likes soap, though after many many days spent at Disney World, and a really nasty ex-roommate, I know that there are some people who actually do not like soap. I digress.

Big Poppy. Awesome name. And we need to keep Ellsbury.
Jere, I feel the same exact way about Jacoby, but the news now is that he's included and dangling on the trade void. A huge mess, if you ask me......
Kim: "Jere, honey, I thought you were gonna plug Stella on your blog...right?"

Jere: "What Lyndon?" (b/c you know Jere occasionally uses his fave Sox nicknames on his girlfriend...)

Kim: "Remember, you said after you got done looking for Gedman jocks on ebay that you'd tell everyone how cool my soap is..."

Jere: (distracted) "Did you know that 37 different guys have worn the number 51 for the Sox in their history and none of them have died in a pre-dawn, Thursday morning car crash? Is that even possible? That can't be right...there's a quiz in there somewhere..."

Kim: "If you don't focus and write a decent plug, I won't sell any soap, and we won't be able to afford for you to, apparently, have no job but still get to go see tons of Sox games...and someone will compare our house to "Fight Club" and some jerk will write fake conversations about us..."

Jere: "37 different guys...that can't be right..."
Matty, that's hilarious!

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