Friday, December 21, 2007

Feed & Kaplan, Both Back

Readers have turned up some great info on two past posts of mine. Check out the comments on: The Buck Printing Co. sign that's seen in old Fenway pics, and the
bicentennial patch
the Sox wore in '75-'76. I also had an ex-worker at Mitchell & Ness tell me they indeed had trouble trying to figure out when exactly the patch was worn, during their intricate process of trying to get old uniforms exact.

Gabe Kapler signed with the Brewers. Assuming he makes the club, look for him at Fenway on May 16th. That'll be an ovation-ful weekend.

Good luck to Gabe. Jere, I wasn't aware of his signing, but his Fenway appearance will be an emotion and ovation-filled one. Have a wonderful weekend! Peter

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