Thursday, December 20, 2007

Count Dis

I've mentioned this before. A lot. But once again, the Yanks have offered up holiday gift packs where you can buy seats whose game day price are $48--for FIVE BUCKS.

This isn't me bein' a prick, this is a sane, normal person wondering the following things:

1. Why do they feel the need to do this? They brag about their fans packing the place. Are they afraid they won't come without a near-90 percent discount? The Red Sox no longer offer any* discounted seats, and we're on the verge of breaking the all-time consecutive sell-out streak.

2. How can they legitimately claim the attendance numbers they do with such an extreme discount on seats? I honestly want to know, if you give the tickets away for free, does that count toward the actual attendance? I mean, it's called "paid attendance" for a reason, right? Maybe as long as you charge one cent, each fan is called a paid fan, and you can act like you're so cool because soooo many people come to see your team who forgot how to win.

*Besides military discounts, and the slight discounted rate that season-ticket holders get. Even seats right behind poles are full-price these days. Don't get me wrong, I'd love some discounts, and I'm sure there would be some if Fenway had 20,000 more seats, but seriously, a 48-dollar seats for five dollars. The way I see it, it's like Colon Blow--you'd have to eat one million seating bowls at Yankee Stadium at that price to equal what the fans paid in just one Fenway seating bowl.... or something like that.


Couldn't another point be about how this is their last season? That they have to do this to sell out even when there are probably thousands of people who will make the trek to the MF(Y)-Bronx just to say they were there before it was gone?

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