Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cod-Boy Apologizes

[Update: Don't tell me we're going to start hearing what a great guy Pettitte is for his "iffy" apology. Seriously, with all the talk of HGH in the six years since he did it, and him talking to the J-man on his knees every night, why couldn't he have come forward and said that he did it? Why did he wait til after he was caught? I wonder, whether he was a Christian or not, if this weighed on his conscience for six whole years. So, because of that, I hope he doesn't get the Giambi-treatment, i.e. gets rewarded for "manning up" while Bonds' balls are getting shot into space or whatever. ]

Andy Pettitte admitted to using human growth hormone twice, in 2002, to help him get back from injury. So I guess Jesus was like, "Dude, 'member when you took that stuff I clearly told you not to take? And you listened to the devil-guy on your other shoulder? See, it came back to haunt you. You gotta listen, man! Jesus! Terrible job."

(I call him cod-boy because I'll never forget the Church of Latter Day Saints commercials he used to do, where he talked about his "personal relationship with god," only it really sounded like "cod.")

Yeah, Reggie White used to do those ads, too...and look at all the good it did him.
I'm sure he only used HGH for two days. I'm sure he wasn't using it at all when he had an ERA of 2.39 in 2005.

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