Thursday, December 13, 2007

Captain Un-Named

Have been driving five M.P.H. through a snowstorm for the past few hours. During the ride, we listened to Mitchell's press conference, followed by some radio commentary by Tom Caron on WEEI. The big news is that the big news that Varitek was on the list was wrong. So that earlier report from MSNBC, which also named Damon, was, uh, a lie I guess. TJ by Tom Caron who said MSNBC "probably got it from some blog or something." As if it would be that person's fault if a major news corporation took their baseless writing and reported it as news. Someone better get fired for that.

TC also noted that the apology is never as loud as the false accusation. It'll be plenty loud when Jason is announced at Fenway on Opening Day, though.

So the 2000 champion Yanks were pretty much a cartel, with Roger the Traitor, Pettitte (what would Jesus do? Cheat, apparently), Stanton, Justice, Glenallen Hill, Denny Neagle, Jason Grimsley, of course, and, ha, Knoblauch in on the act. (Like with Gagne, though, the stuff didn't work for one Mike Lansing.) You tellin' me Derek Jeter didn't at least hear about this stuff going on?

Disappointed to hear Mo Vaughn did that crap. TJ there.

Glad to see Sheffield's name. This jerk has been denying everything and acting like I'm the asshole for suggesting it to boot.

Here's another interesting thing: I saw Todd Pratt's name, and immediately thought of him in his New Britain Red Sox days, as that's how I'll always think of him (even though I witnessed live his HR in Philly to beat us in an '03 game). Then I noticed another former "Sox on the Rise," Josias Manzanillo! Could the '89 and '90 New Britain Red Sox have a little secret? More likely, the two stayed friends later in their careers. But come on, who's next, Jeff Bagw--oh, wait. Hey... and Mo Vaughn--what's going on here? New Britain, CT, steroid hotbed!

Boy, the New York teams are THE hotbed of that list....and driving here yesterday, at least on the major (minor) highways, turned 30 minute trips into 4 hour journeys. Glad you're OK.
The NY Rhoidkees:

1996 Until '03 are all called into question.
Yup. Hey, I've always called these years into question--Giambi's fake dongs to beat us in '03, Maier in '96....
the 03 pratt walkoff game was one of the best i ever saw live. back and forth into extras at the vet. i live near philly and my philly fan brothers never let me forget that game.
Seriously, what a crazy game. I'm gonna do a post about it right now.

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