Monday, December 17, 2007

Boston Up In Street Views

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Google Maps now has Boston in Street Views. If you haven't been to Fenway in years, here's your chance to "walk" around it. Notice that Yaz' 8 is gone, so this must've been from early September-ish, when they took it down to reposition it right-side-up. (The smaller hole had been on the bottom by mistake.)

However, from this spot, go up to Ipswich and take a right, look back at the park, and you'll see the 8 IS there:

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That's another cool thing about Street Views. Sometimes it'll be winter on one street and summer on the next.

So now my last two residences are visible on street views. Didn't find myself or my car in NYC, and haven't found either in Boston, but I just started looking a few minutes ago.

[Inevitable update, like, 5 minutes later: They went nuts on Boston. They go all the way out past Worcester. Providence is also up now.]

Whoa, Providence is up too. Confirming my long held belief that we are better than St. Louis, Seattle, and Washington D.C., but not Denver, Miami or San Francisco. Just kidding, Providence is better than those places coffee milk and political corruption.

Like all people living in one of these cities I am furiously trying to figure out when they photographed it. It is definitely after July 29th, but before I took my air conditioner out of the window...
Haha. Got that everybody? Ryan's house is the one with the A/C. It's funny, after circling Fenway, I though, Oh well, not gonna be able to tell when this was shot--I know it's summer and that's about it. Then I saw the missing 8.

Meanwhile, my home state of CT continues to narrowly avoid having any street views.

And to the person who tried to comment here linking to another site: terrible job. Your comment was so obviously copied and pasted, that I Googled it and found the same comment in a thousand other places.
I actually did manage to figure out when it was. October 7th. I wrote a post about it and got the same guy to post an obnoxious self-linking comment. I don't know about Boston. Oh, and everyone, please don't come to my house just because I gave away where it was with that air conditioner remark.

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