Friday, December 21, 2007

Book Update

My mom and I are writing a Red Sox mystery for Hall of Fame Press. Here's the press release from a few months back in case you missed it.

It will come out in 2008, hopefully in time for Father's Day. We've decided on a name: Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery.

When my mom suggested this title, my first reaction was, Nobody wants another thing called "Dirty Water." But then it grew on me. If you're a big enough Sox fan to read random dudes' blogs that kind of center around the team, sure, you know all about the song and its history with the Red Sox, and you might even be a little sick of the whole thing. But most people don't know anything about it. Especially all the people who'll be reading our book more for the "mystery" than the "Red Sox." Plus, it works with our story, and is a really cool name for a mystery, I think. And besides, as my mom pointed out, it's not like we're calling it "Sweet Caroline," a song that was a much bigger hit and was known to more than just Red Sox fans and a few guys who have slightly shaggier hair and wear those shirts with targets on them. And people who bought the Nuggets box set. So we should be good.

In the meantime, my mom's memoir, Girls of Tender Age, may become a movie. Have you ever seen Nip/Tuck? You know, the show that's advertised on the bottom of the screen on F/X literally every time you flip by? Well, an actress from that show, Roma Maffia, is trying to get the book made into a film. She recently mentioned this in Variety magazine! How cool would that be?

[End note: Honest to Gedman, when I wrote the thing about the Nuggets box set, I wasn't thinking, like, the song was literally on there, just that that type of song would be. But I checked for the hell of it, and it's the second track on there...]

[More my mom news: She's been saying for a while now how much Jacoby Ellsbury reminds her of Ted Williams. Apparently, Johnny Pesky recently said on EEI that Jacoby could become the "next Ted Williams." So listen to my mom, she knows her stuff. (Assuming Pesky knows his.)]

First of all, hi to your Mom, and happy holidays to you and yours. Now...the book. I've been excited about its upcoming release since you first mentioned t. When it IS available, please let us faithful bloogy friend ones know. I'd love to order a copy and have you and Mary Ann autograph it. Maybe on your book tour, with one of your stops being near here in Connecticut. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to reading it, in a huge way.
Thanks Jere, and thanks to your Mom for having you in the first place! Peter....
I'm dying to find out how the mysterious blogger knows about the stuff he knows about. (does that make any sense?) We had a great talk about the upcoming book at Thanksgiving. Can't wait to read it!
That's great news! I can't wait for the book, too. And we're all keeping our fingers crossed that your mom gets a movie deal.

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