Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Big Piece

Clue to Kwiz Johnson: The players involved in the play are Bucky Fuckin' Dent and Jerry Mumphrey.

Random list:

World Championships in my lifetime, off top of head:

Yankees: 6*
Reds: 3^
Red Sox: 2
Cardinals: 2
Dodgers: 2^
Twins: 2
Marlins: 2^
Diamondbacks: 2^
Blue Jays: 2
Pirates: 1
Phillies: 1
Orioles: 1
Tigers: 1
Royals: 1
Mets: 1
A's: 1
Braves: 1
Angels: 1
White Sox: 1
No series held: 1

Tied for third! Totally sweet.

*cheated like every freakin' time
^beat Yanks in WS one of those times, so it's like a win for us

Really, tied for second, since none of those Yankee ones should count...

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