Sunday, December 23, 2007

Alpine White Re-Doo Doo

A while ago, I put up an old commercial (1990) for Alpine White candy bar. I had it on an old VHS tape. Then my YouTube account was taken down. So it was off the web for the time being. Then I noticed it was up on there again. Same ad, and seemingly, same warble from my old video tape. It was credited to RetroJunk, which is a site that has a lot of old TV stuff. Is it possible they'd stolen my ad? (While cutting out the other stuff I had included before and after, including some of that show Comic Strip Live.) Well, considering it's someone else's property anyway, and as long as it's out there again, I feel no need to put my original back up and have some kind of Alpine War. Instead, I thought I'd make MY OWN version of the Alpine White commercial. So, below is the original (possibly my stolen work stolen by someone else), and below that, my production starring my girlfriend as the girl and one of our cats as the wolf.

So there you have it. (Play both at once for extra-fun!) While Alpy searching, I noticed some clips of Faith No More doing the song. As you may know, they were a favorite band of mine, and I've followed Mike Patton's solo and other band career ever since they broke up. So I think it's so cool that this song that I've had in my head for 18 years was one of my musical hero's introduction for "Surprise, You're Dead," which is a great song in its own right. So here's Mike Patton singing the Sweet Dreams song (a version of Alpine White):


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