Saturday, December 29, 2007

136 Years Ago

I've been reading some old New York Times articles about baseball games. I love the language:

"The umpiring was impartial, although not at all in accordance with the new rules." -- note below an 1871 boxscore

"The amateurs, too, had to take in a couple of players whose sands of baseball-life are about to run out." --from the article accompanying above-described boxscore

"...the Mutuals thought that their nine had now got into their work and were going to open a heavy fire on the enemy; but the latter soon silenced them, and moreover managed to secure a scalp, the Indians scoring a run in this innings, thereby taking the lead in the game." --from another 1871 article

Also from that 1871 article, words that are still true today:

"But in baseball no one knows what a day may bring forth."

Words SO true, to this very day. Jere, have a wonderful, happy and HEALTHY 2008. Enjoy the long weekend.
"a couple of players whose sands of baseball-life are about to run out"

That's fantastic. ^_^

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