Friday, November 30, 2007


There's nothing funnier in life (except for a bunch of much funnier stuff) than the titles the Red Sox come up with for their Sox Pax. The deal is, you get four games, and they usually come up with a name that reflects the theme of those games. The pack with four Sunday games is always the "Sunday Best" pack. You get the idea. Nothing too cutting edge. You don't wanna go out and call one the "Death by Stereo" pack or whatever, because that might scare grandma and grandpa.

What's really funny, though, is how some packs have no theme, so they pick a named based on one game of the four. I mean, sure, "Cactus Pack" would be an appropriate name for a pack of four games against Arizona. You only get one Arizona game in the "Cactus Pack," though. But I guess since it's the highlight game, the whole pack suffers. Still, I'm sure there's at least one doofus who'll say, "Guess what, kids, we'll be going to four cactus-themed games at Fenway Park this year!"

This year, there's a pack featuring the Tigers, Angels, Brewers, and Yankees. What would you call it? The Boomer Pack? Me neither. But they did. I couldn't figure it out. I asked e-buddy savethejellyfish about it. He said it's because George "Boomer" Scott played for the Brewers as well as the Sox. But if you're gonna name a pack after one former Sox player who also played on one of the other teams, why Scott? I don't know if I believe that's why they called it that. But what other reason could there be? Any ideas?

David "Boomer" Wells played for the Tigers and yankees as well. So that makes two Red Sox Boomers who also played for 3 out of four of those teams. That is a pretty high Boomer ratio.
All this is true, and it's why I have Wells' name in the title. Boomer Esiason also played in NY--it all sense.

So you're telling me they sat there and said, "Hmmm, what do these teams have in commom? Uh, two guys the Red Sox have had named Boomer have played on three of these teams. Perfect!"

Three of the teams are in the AL. Why not the AL Pack? Three of the teams play in cold-weather cities, why not the Ice Pack? All four play in the northern hemisphere, why not the NH Pack? All four are existing entities who control their own destinies, why not the Existentialist Pack? All four teams are made up of humans who defecate, why not the Shit Pack?

How is it that the career paths of David Wells and George Scott trump all of that stuff?
Maybe they're planning a supersonic flyover.
Yeah, it's a pretty lame reason, and if true, should really be the "Boomers pack." They probably just told the guy naming the packs to go for obscure reasons. Hopefully those teams are all really connected somehow by the Australian national basketball team. (Thanks wikipedia!)
I like the flyover idea, ha. I was also thinking maybe it had something to do with Baby Boomers.

I guess the Scott idea is the best guess right now. The other pack with a Brewers game is the Brew Crew pack, and since both Diamondback packs are named with Diamondback-related stuff, it makes sense Boomer was supposed to refer to something Brewers-related.

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