Friday, November 02, 2007


I knew there was something else that was awesome about Girardi being the new Yanks' manager: His little son is a huge Big Papi fan.

And now Torre is the Dodgers manager. I guess Torre thought, "Hmmm, what would be the opposite of New York?"

Abreu will be back with the Yanks in '08. Good. Love hatin' that guy. I wondering if he's practicing his not-swinging skills right now.

Royce Clayton was DFA'd. "I ain't got my assignment." But John Farrell will be back as pitching coach.

Oh, one more thing. And this may shock and amaze you. But I'd like to say "anti-terrible job" to Jorge Posada. After 2006, I was sure he was pretty much done, his numbers in a steady decline. But he had a great season. Granted, it was a contract year, but still. This also gives hope to anyone who has doubts about Varitek as he ages. If Posada can do that well, Tek can, easily.

Jere, did you see in the Globe (a silly question, but I almost missed it myself) that Tek sat out in his driveway and gave his autograph for trick or treats on Wednesday? That has got to be the most awesome thing I've ever heard of an athlete doing. I can't imagine being seven and meeting Tek for Halloween.
That is one hell of a treat. I bet Posada just turned his outside lights off that night. Oh wait, he lives in that big apartment building across from Lenny's on 77th and 2nd--well, I bet he turned his outside hallway light off and just watched movies.
"Anti-terrible job" to you for admitting that Dumbo had a terrific season; he really did- probably one of the best from a post-35 year old catcher that we've ever seen. Now I hope he falls down something steep...
I also want to go wash my hands just for typing a compliment to the guy, but it's true...
Yeah, I know. He'd also appreciate that in my above comment, I deleted the part about how the "movies" he was watching were probably snuff films. So he can thank me for two things.

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