Friday, November 02, 2007

"They're Killin' Me, Whitey, They're Killin' Me!"

When I was in college, back in a time we called "'93," a sketch-comedy show called "The State" came out. I loved it. Then, it almost became a network show. Then, it disappeared. Then, every fake-ass, coffee-house indie rocker and their left grandmother acted like it was their favorite show as the 1900s became the 2000s, even though they were too young to see it when it was on TV. A VHS tape of stuff I'd taped already was released. It was hard to find. The people from the show went on to do many fine things: Viva Variety, Reno 911, Stella, all the stuff Michael Ian Black does, The Baxter, The Ten, and a movie I watched once again last night, Wet Hot American Summer.

Today, I checked to see if the State DVD box-set was any closer to coming out. Terribly, despite the nice trailer they made for it, MTV has decided NOT to release it. At least not now. When are they gonna just give the people what they want? In the meantime, please go to itoonz or amazzzon or whatever and download an episode or two. I guess if people buy those, there's a better chance they release a DVD.


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