Thursday, November 01, 2007


Only some teams have their '08 schedules up, and fewer have it up with game-times. But the one team who has times up, and who plays the Red Sox at Fenway on a Sunday, is the Brewers. According to their sked, the game starts at 12:35. That's central time, making it a 1:35 start in Boston. Does this mean our 2:05 Sunday games are moving back a half-hour for '08? If so, this reporter would like to pledge his allegiance to the new, alien Sunday start-time. I always liked the old 1:05 starts, so this would be kind of a compromise. You still have a little extra time to sleep in, or to get to the game if you live far away, yet the game will get out a little earlier.

Also note: This could just be a screw-up by the Brewers. I still anxiously await another team that plays us at Fenway on a Sunday to release their schedule, so I can confirm this. Or for the Red Sox to just release theirs! It November already! Opening Day is fast approaching! My current makeshift 2008 schedule is here.

That's great news! I'm planning a Milwaukee trip in '08.
Are the A's and the Sox really playing in Japan in March? Is it part of their regular season play or part of spring training? This sucks in SO many ways for us west coast fans. ARGGGGGGHHHHHH!
I liked Madison better than Milwaukee. Go there, too, if you want.

It would be real games in Japan. I think the official word on this comes in on Nov 15th.
Wait, this hit me a few days late--Milwaukee's coming to Fenway, the Sox aren't going out there. Or were you just being incongruous? Which, for you, would be congruous?

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