Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sox, Trolley Dodgers To Roam Coliseum a.d. IV Kal. April

Which, in your crazy modern MySpeak, means the Red Sox will play an exhibition game against the Dodgers at the L.A. Coliseum on March 29th.

This earlier article says it will be a three-game series, with games one and three at Dodger Stadium, and game two at the home of the 1975 Super Bowl...of Motocross.

I wonder if the field will look like this (note huge screen guarding left field short porch):

thanks, ballparkwatch.com

I have to say, I'm usually very big on these retro-throwback type deals, but this one just seems really, really stupid. The Coliseum was never meant for baseball...never mind the absurdly short left-field 'wall', check out the bizarre and extreme disparity between the foul territory on the 3rd base side vs. the 1st base side.

I went to an exhibition game between the Cards and Expos at RFK Stadium in DC several years before the Expos moved there and became the Nats. At the time the seating was configured for soccer (DC United) with a bleacher section in left, creating a short porch. Nowhere near as extreme as this, though. It's a wonder that Sandy Koufax survived four seasons there before they finally built Dodger Stadium.
They should make it so right AND left fields are very short--with an endless center field.

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