Thursday, November 01, 2007

Snapped By Folk

Good 2007 wrap-up by Andrew here.

Scroll down and look along the right side of my blog for links to places with Rolling Rally pictures. If yours are online somewhere, or you know of any other good galleries (not from newspapers--regular folks only), feel free to let me know and I'll add them.

In "Team That Hasn't Had A Parade In A Long Time" news, Joe Girardi will be the new Yanks manager and will wear number 27. After that nice long talk we had about how they should stop with the 27 crap, for their own good. Oh well, just keep adding pressure to the cooker. I love that Girardi is their choice, as he's such a button-down guy--that'll keep the Yanks facial hair and below the collar hair-free. In other words, looking like the losers they've been for seven years. Perfect. Anything that keeps the Yanks the opposite of us is good. (And I'm not kidding--Girardi didn't allow facial hair when he managed the Marlins. Keep those top buttons buttoned, guys, that's the best way to choke. You can respect the game while looking weird--and win, too. Dumbasses.)

Funny, I thought Girardi picked 27 to honor that Yankee immortal: Kevin Brown.

Silly me.

Wore the Sox hat around NYC in your honor this week, Jere. Didn't get a single comment from any Yankee fans, just dumb blank stares.

Priceless. Thank you Red Sox.

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