Saturday, November 24, 2007

Recent Visuals

We were in Massachusetts' "upstate"--western Mass., this past weekend. Above, trees.

Craggy crab apple tree.

Cow. Not the black & white kind.

On the way home, got this shot of the moon and a church in Cambridge.

Cat climbing window. Look where his feet are....

And now, wishing he could eat that squirrel.

Jere, I love your cat...he's a big guy! If you look carefully at the enlarged version of the "window" picture, imagine no fur. You can see the curve of the face and the human-looking ear. Look closely! It's such a great pic. P.S. What's the cat's name?? Hey, have a great weekend, and I hope your "project" is going well.
Love the pics! The cat climbing on the window is great. I hope you two had a great Thanksgiving! As far as I'm concerned, it just isn't Thanskgiving without a game of Initials.
Peter, we have two cats. That's the small one, Amazing Larry. The other is Danzig. Still not seeing the face...

Kara, hope you had a great THX up in NH. I should've introduced Initials where I was...
Amazing Larry is just that..amazing. He reminds me so much of "my boys." They're not here anymore, but just seeing your pictures make me happy! Thanks!!!!!

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