Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rangers Release Road-Half Of Schedule, Jere Only One To Notice

With the Rangers' schedule now fully released, we've pretty much got the entire 2008 Red Sox schedule down. The only stragglers now are Oakland, the Yanks (but the Globe article told us these dates), and the road Blue Jays games. (And, of course, the Red Sox, whose delaying made this project necessary.) So we know when we're playing who, for the whole season, with a couple of offdays still uncertain.) Theo says the players will make the call on that Japan series. And they don't want to do it, so maybe the plan will be scrapped. We'll see.

Note: Some of you may have noticed on one of my previous schedule posts that someone commented with a link to a full schedule that they made. I thought, That kind of kills the fun. The last thing I was gonna do was say, Okay, project over, somebody else also unofficially made one! But still, I was kind enough to post his comment, so people could go see his version if they wanted to. Then I found the blog post he wrote about it. It was from Tuesday, and it was bragging about how "here's the FIRST place you can see the COMPLETE schedule!" No mention of me having shown my readers my step by step process of adding to it each day, and having had it just about complete. Terrible job. And it's not like he just happened to be doing it himself--he clearly saw mine, then made up the sked, was able to get the whole thing down, and posted it, acting like he was the man. As evident by the fact that he commented here. So, I've deleted his comment. I should've known at the time--his comment wasn't "Hey, great idea! I've taken it and run with it, and here's what I've come up with!" or "I do this stuff, too, wanna be nerd friends?" Instead it was just "here's the complete schedule." He may as well have added, ", asshole." to it. Again, TJ.

Speaking of giving credit: Why is it that when somebody online "finds" a YouTube video, they get credit from everyone else who links to it? The credit hierarchy should go: 1. Person who made video. 2. Person who posted it to the internet. 3. Person who came across it. Instead, some people out there are basically going to YouTube, searching "red sox," finding videos, posting them to their shitty sites, and then everyone else who sees it links it and says "Hat-tip to Screwy McDougal (or whoever)," referring to the person that first posted it. Nobody gives the credit to the initial video uploader, let alone the people in the video. So, credit the "finder" if you must (and, wow, they did do SO much work sitting there doing a search), but think about mainly giving credit to the person who posted the video. Or, think about doing video searches yourself. It's quite simple. This way, we don't give credit to people who come out of nowhere, paid by some newspaper, who don't know shit about shit. They're getting paid anyway, they don't need yet another link.... (Also, think about linking bloggers who actually go to events and tape them, as opposed to those who sit on their asses. Note: I'm not against linking videos in general, and I don't expect people to only show a video they made themselves, that would be ridiculous. I'm just saying, give credit where it's due.)


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