Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Ridiculous Past Comment By A Yankee Fan

9/24/07, anonymous (love that nonny!) said:

[...] dirtbag looking Red Sox [...] The Sox will never be the "world team" as the Yankees are. The interlocking NY is know worldwide! Being a parent, it gets me sick when I look at what the Red Sox players look like. The Yankees have been, are still, and always will be the most professional looking team in the world! How they ever got the title of the "evil empire" I have no idea.[...] We will see what the post season brings. I have been saying since July that I think the Yankees are going all the way! The are the hottest team in MLB since the ALL-Star break. We will se who can "bring it home"!


Doesn't "see" have two e's? Wow, if I'm wrong, I must be an idiot, an idiot who wants Mike Lowell to accept this guarenteed three year deal, before Tuesday. We'll se!
Have a great weekend, Jere.
Evil Empire- A Land With a LACK of Humility:

These are a Phariseeic People-Noses in Air-Wickedly Prideful & Boastful-Pretend to be filled with Great Graces, while being Disgraceful;

They have all the warmth Of Dry Ice & all of the Ignorance of a Popsicle Stick;

In short, they have all the Accuracy Of Tim Mc Carver, which isn't saying much about these Nomads & Assorted Pink Cappers, called Tourists, for knowledge escapes them, like water flushing in a Toilet;

Is Theo lowballing Mike Lowell to sign Eric Gagne' or saving pennies to sign "The Grandiose Pretender", called "A-Fraud"?

We of Red Sox Nation, seek those answers from The FO.

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