Friday, November 09, 2007

Quiz Pride

On what date was this photograph of Jim Rice taken? (for expert detectives: Jere's time--approx. 5 minutes)

How about 8/28/1986 ?
(Jim woulda been awfully lonely out there that day...)
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pweezil has it right with his second answer. But he didn't wait his turn! (Rules: must wait til someone else guesses after your guess.)

So, the next person to guess will be the last, then I'll post pweezil's answer. If the next guess isn't right, pweezil will get the full 6 points. If it is, you'll get 3 and pweezil will get 3,
Thursday April 27, 1989
Wrong on 4/27/89. Now I'll post pweezil's guess, which should appear above.
Check that. It won't let me undelete. So I'll give you pweezil's original comment:

"Could have been a promotional picture day.... j/k
Maybe 5/24/1987."

And that was correct. Matchups/pitchers all work. Plus it was a day game. Bob Stanley pitched MORE than nine innings that day.

6 points for pweezil.
About 4/27/89--teams match up that day, too, but Rice did not play the field in 1989 at all. Pinch hit that day but did not go out to left field.
Yeah, I realize my mistakes now. In addition # 20 pitched for the Angels(Don Sutton), on the correct day. There was no pitcher wearing #20 for the Angels in 89. Love the quizzes, this is one of the only times I was early enough to guess, or thought I knew the answer.
Cool. Well, even though you got no points, you clearly tried, and almost had it. Glad you enjoy this stuff. Finding out when a pic was taken is my favorite thing. Maybe I'll do more of those this season.
I'm amazed! Jere, have a great weekend.

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