Tuesday, November 06, 2007

O's Release 2008 Schedule

And more pieces of our puzzle are filled in. So plan your trips to the beautiful city of Baltimore now, Sox fans. (O's fans--you're already there! All you have to do is buy tickets to the game! You're so close on this one....come on, you can do it!)

The order of our series against the O's goes: Away, away, home, home, away, home. Weird. There's one weekend series down there, end of May. Also, a two-game mid-week April series, and a weekday August series.

At left, our almost-completed 2008 Red Sox schedule. The release of the Oakland schedule will prove key to this project. (Or, if the Red Sox would just go ahead and release theirs.)

Jere, your Mom was just on WTIC with Colin McEnroe and Bill Curry. Great job, Mary-Ann!!! She was on from 3:56 to 3:59pm----we could have used a little more!!
Awesome. Glad you heard it.
Dangit, they are away on Father's Day.

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