Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Rest For The Wicked Awesome

From June 20th to July 13th, in 1975, the Red Sox played every day. On four of those days, they played two games. Then there was the three-day All Star break. Then, from July 17th to August 17th, they again played every day. On four of those days, they played twice. That's almost two straight months of playing every day, including eight doubleheaders. At the beginning of the stretch, they were two games ahead of the Yanks. At the end, they were 11 ahead of them.

Did you know Bill Lee pitched a complete game, 78-pitch, two-hitter that year? Time of game: 1:51.

I didn't know that, but I did know that Bill Lee is awesome. My girlfriend got me a signed photo of him pitching in a space suit for x-mas last year. It is the pride of that wall of my apartment.
Yeah, he signed a bunch of those that I saw on ebay a while back, which were backwards. I hope you got a forward one. I like when he signs stuff "Yankees Suck, Bill Lee."
Bill Lee is the man!! He got me tickets to my first Sox game. I posted the story on my blog
Nice job on that. That was cool of the Spaceman.

Technical advice to all bloggers, if you want it: When posting a picture, take the first word of your text and back it right up to the end of the picture code. That will make the top of your text line up with the top of the pic.
Thanks for the info on Bill, Jere. I've hung out twice with Bill Lee at Professor Thom's over the last year. He autographed a DVD for me: "Bill Lee, Earth 2006." There's a picture of him and me behind the bar as well.

He's simply the coolest guy on the planet.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Jere.
BTW, Keith Olbermann's number one story on Wednesday was about the myth of the presidential turkey pardon being started in 1947...mentioned that it began with Bush Sr, in 1989...
Jere, I remember the '75 rotation, with Loooie and Bill Lee our numbers one and two in that very special rotation. Were it not for a rain delay in the 7th (?) inning of game two of the 1975 World Series, the Sox might have been up two games to none. But the Spaceman was not effective after that interruption. I was there for those first two games, and Loooie in game one was simply amazing. But the Reds WERE a machine, and heartache and tears eventually followed. But things are looking way up right now as we approach the all important month of December. The month of my birth, too many years ago.
I've definitely mentioned this before, but one of those doubleheaders during that July/August stretch was my first time seeing the Sox play in person: Sunday, 7/27/75 at Shea Stadium vs the Yanks. Lee won the first game 1-0 on a 6-hit complete game (Sox run scored in the top of the 9th), and Moret won the nitecap 6-0. Great way to get started watching this team.

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