Monday, November 19, 2007

Money In The Bank

From "Jere's Tape," which was made when I was 12. Lots of good stuff on here--Tiffany videos and stuff, but also Fish Heads, The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, the Beach Boys/Fat Boys collaboration, and other stuff that's already on GooTube. But what you see here (after a hello from Sir Elton John) are two classic commercials.

1. These dudes with the dandruff--my sister and I would endlessly imitate when the guy goes "exact-a-mundo!" How he cuts the other guy off. This ad is so 80s, the way they try to make these dudes seem "real."

2. The spot where a playground legend is described. It's said they just called him "Money, 'cuz when he shot, it was money in the bank." This was a huge moment in American culture. How many people describe someone or something as being "money" today? I even checked Urban Dictionary to see if I could get a feeling of when people (read: stoned teenagers) thought "money" (used in that way) was invented. Of course, they all credited it to the movie Swingers, which came out eight years after this commercial. And if Reebok knew about it, you can be sure it had been used in real life since long before. Then again, maybe the writer of that commercial honestly came up with it, and it caught on from there. By the way, speaking of UD, I tried to "define" "terrible job," but it wouldn't let me. So, that's not allowed, but this is:

"yadi: Some delivery guy who walks into your house and uses your phone without asking."

Yeah, I use that one all the time....

Yeah, like there's a buncha guys in Harlem goin, "TJ, Shaquisha, for not dumping my shit before the cops rolled up..."
Okay, nobody uses "TJ" except me, but "terrible job" is a bona fide catch phrase of Mad Dog. That was my definition. I wasn't like "Jere from ARSPSPFTF{PSTSPSg[T uses it all the time! It's totally real!

("no Peg" is actually in there.)
But, TJ by the cops--the guy wasn't selling anything. Some Wall Street white guy at that very moment was surely making snuff films in his apartment and the pigs were nowhere to be found.
My brother-in-law in Cleveland had his house used as a surveillance post for an investigation by the cops and he said they repeatedly used his phone "and ate [his] Triscuits without asking." I wonder what the word is for that? It's sort of like yadi, I suppose.

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