Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Guy in South Carolina tries to deposit million dollar bill. Problem was, there's never been a million dollar bill. I wonder if this guy thought he was gonna pull it off, imagining himself stopping at McDonald's on the way home and getting, like, as many cheeseburgers as he wants.

The man's name was Alexander Smith. I was just thinking yesterday how no famous person has ever had the same name as me. Like that time when there was that cop show, and the cool cop's name turned out to be Homer Simpson. If this guy's first name had been Jere (or more realistically, Jerry), people might be calling me "the million dollar man" or "Fakey McGee" right now. There are two other Jere Smiths that I know of from the internet. A thoroughbred trainer and an artist who makes the type of stuff someone could easily think I made. I'd guess at least one person I went to elementary school has found that site and thought it was me.

There is one "Jerry" Smith I know of, and he was a tight end who played for the Redskins in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a good player, but he died of AIDS in 1986, one of the first athletes to die of the disease. He also died on the same day the Red Sox beat the Angels for the AL pennant:
Wow. I'm glad he wasn't more famous--that could've led to a horrible childhood for me.
I always wondered if you knew about that thoroughbred trainer. I've seen his name from time to time.

Totally random side note: I've always loved Emmitt Smith because of his name being so close to Nana's.

Also, there always seems to be an artist counterpart to everyone's name. Ben and I both have one with our same name, too.
I have a one million dollar bill right here on my living room coffee table. I use it as a coaster! Do you think our Sox are THAT close to landing Santana? Seems like too good a transaction.
Emmitt Smith, ha. Never thought of that.

Santana--I just don't want to give up Ellsbury. Anyone else, I may also be sad, but the fact that we'd actually have Santana would make the sadness subside. But I'm fine without him.
I really really really really don't want them to trade Ellsbury or Buchholz. I'd be less sad about Lester going, and Coco... well, I haven't really ever been attached to him.

I guess the Lester/Coco/Lowrie/Masterson-or-Bowden trade might tempt the Twins enough...

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