Friday, November 16, 2007

Makin' More Money In '90-'91ey

You may or may not know (or weren't sure) that the baseball off-season is not only Kwiz Seezin here at RSFPT aka ARSFFPT, but also the time when I break out videos from my endless collection. Today I give you a classic from 1991. [Update: I didn't have a license until November '91--this must be summer of '92. Unless they let me take the Sundance for a short trip, knowing I could drive anyway by that point.] It's me and an old friend of mine who I haven't seen since Labor Day 1995. He's filming, while I shoot a basketball around. More details below. Click the box to watch.

I was known for my flowing black locks back then, amazingly sixteen years ago. Also, check out my gray New York/New Jersey Knights hat with black brim--love that hat--and my over-the-top Red Sox shirt. My friend was doing his patented "muttering announcer" style. It's almost like he wanted it to only be heard later when I went back and watched it. Well, now lots of people get to hear it, assuming you all click. "Dunking" was huge when we were that age (I was 15 that summer). We'd go around looking for low hoops that we might have a chance to dunk on. But it hurt. So we'd go through boxes of Band-Aids. Eventually, as you see in the vid, I started wearing batting gloves. And after that first dunk, you see me grabbing at my hands, like they're hurting anyway. Oh, the "church" joke: We found a hoop in the parking lot of a church (map below--green golfer is roughly where the hoop was), and nobody ever stopped us from playing there. And it had an adjustable hoop, so we'd just make it really low, jam all day, and then go to a baseball card show at the Hilton

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Scotland School had the best low rims in that day. It was maybe 2/5 as long as a real court, but there were two hoops and you could have games like the 1990-1991 Nuggets where it was dunk, inbound pass, dunk, inbound pass, dunk....
Pretty obvious what church you guys were at too, even without the map. I recognize those weird wood parking lot markers and the arch thing up the driveway and the hoop.
Hey Jeter is in tax trouble? I just heard this at 12:20 PM EST on this windy Friday...what else could happen? Happy weekend to you....

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