Monday, November 05, 2007

Latest Gedman/Kwiz News

Rich was at the Rolling Rally--his second--as we know. This dude, who apparently is the vice president of Red Sox Nation, interviewed him afterward. The article is more about a specific game, and only includes a few Geddy quotes, but it's a fun read. I have to point out, though, that the guy looks up a past boxscore and finds it on Baseball Reference, "thanks to Google." So, you're telling me the VP of RSN was not aware of BR? Or retrosheet--which is where BR gets their boxscores? Maybe I should've run for prez....

In Kwiz Newz, Kwiz Season is on, and I was happy so many people took a shot at the first question. Thanks, everybody.

Yeesh, I gotta start checking daily - Kwiz Season totally snuck on me.
Maybe I should've made an announcement. Whoops. I just saw that we'd already started at the same point in '05, so I figured I'd just get started right away. Plus, last season ran a liiiiitle long.... I need to not delay so much.

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