Monday, November 05, 2007

Kwiz Carbo

This day in RSF/PT history: 11/5/05, I write what I think is a pretty funny post--but no one comments. Also that day, quiz season started. As it will today. Here we go. I'll start you off with an easy one. Remember, answers go in the comments section. Since comment moderation is still on, you may answer and get it right, only to find out later someone had already gotten in ahead of you--the first one to answer gets the credit. But, please, one answer at a time. Once you've answered, don't answer again until someone else's answer has been posted. Okay, the question is:

I played on the Red Sox in 2005. If you take each of my names and replace it with a word that directly relates in some way to that name, you'd get "Shakespeare is the pride of England." Minus the "is," "the" and "of," of course. Who the eff am I? (And bonus points will be awarded for figuring out the connections.)

More on the '07-'08 Kwiz season: Kwizzes will be spelled with a K and will be named after a Sox player who wore the number corresponding to the quiz. (This one: Bernie Carbo=1.) There will be 27 quizzes, in honor of the championship season of 2007. 2 and 007. 27. This will also be to mock the Yanks in their never-ending quest for that 27th championship. The kwizzes will always be here, but the results will be posted on the Kwiz page, linked at right. We'll talk prizes later.

Other stuff happening soon: Your chance to own a piece of history, as I'll be selling some cheap stuff to you that I made. Also, the RSF/PT glossary, which I finished a while ago, but have been just letting sit.

WARNING--WARNIG! This is a lame guess, but is it Wily (for Shakes) Mo Pena?? Hello Jere.
How about Curtis Montague Schilling?
Curt Schilling. I'm working on the connections. I think I have two.
William Richard Mueller.

William for Shakespeare, Richard for Richard the Lion-Hearted and a lion is a member of a pride, and Mueller=I don't know exactly...
Chadwick Lee Bradford
Curtis Montague Schilling:

Curtis=? pride
Montague=Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)
Schilling=England (shilling/coin)
As a follow-up to my Chadwick Lee Bradford answer:

Ian Chadwick is a writer and has written essays about Shakespeare.

The Pride of Lee is a UK River Cruise boat.

Bradford is a city in England.
David Wells?
Curtis Montague Schilling

Shakespeare from Montague, Romeo's family in Romeo and Juliet. Pride from Curtis Pride, a baseball player who was notable for being deaf. And England from Schilling, which used to be a unit of currency there. Blam-o!
Curtis Montague Schilling?

Curtis Pride- former baseball player
Montague- Lord/Lady Montague were in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet
Schilling- former unit of currency of Austria, which was (partially) controlled by England after WWII?
Okay, remember that part where I said only the first correct answer will get points? Well, I forgot about thhe dirty feeling I'd get denying someone who got the answer right any points, even though they did nothing wrong. That leaves the whole contest wavering on how long I'm away from a computer after posting the question. Also, there will be 6 points awarded total for each quiz, as it's easier to divide by 2 or 3.


pweezil was the first to say Schilling, the correct answer.

Amy got the connections right first, except for "pride."

Ryan and Mike got the name and all three connections.

So everybody gets 1, and the other 2 points are split evenly among Ryan and Mike, with a little less for Amy.

So, Ryan: 1.75

Mike: 1.75

Amy: 1.5

pweezil: 1

Nice tries on Mueller, Bradford, Wells.
I think you should send the quiz to Schilling's blog.

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