Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kwiz Brohamer

Dalton Jones broke what 23-years long Red Sox streak in 1966?

Hit a pinch hit homer, 1st since Cronin in '43?
Is that true?

Not what I was thinking of....
In 1967, Jones became the 1st Red Sox player to lead the AL in pinch-hits since 1943 (Cronin).
Can't find anything notable about Jones' '66 season.

Cronin had an incredible season as a PH in '43, and Jones was best known as a pinch-hitter, but I can't find a link.

Jones hit a PH HR for the Sox in 1964, so my previous guess was wrong.

But I am still ahead of Nick Smith in the Kwiz standings..
This is a really tricky one. The only weird thing I could find him doing that year was scoring two unearned runs in one game. But if this wasn't what you were thinking of don't bother trying to disprove it, since it looks pretty hard to verify.
Yeah, not where I was going. I'll give a clue tomorrow maybe.
Switch positions from 3B to 2B?
The Brohamer thing makes me think this has something to do with the #3, which Jones switched to in 1966 (from #39 in 1965).
"Switch positions from 3B to 2B?"

Not what I was thinking.
Someone guess so I can win.
Because we should all try to save the jellyfish, I'll guess that he was the first Red Sox in 23 years who was born in Mississippi. Four hours of searchin' and that was the best I could come up with.
Not what I was thinkin'....
Alright, I'm stumped .. where's the hint ..
If the next guess and stj's ext guess are wrong, I'll give a hint.
Here's my guess --- first Red Sox #3 to hit under .250?
Oh, wait, I should've said "after stj's next guess." I forgot pweezil had set him up for the win. But he's still wrong. Although he might be right, but again, not what I was thinking of--plus, that wouldn't have ended a 23-year streak.

The clue is that it does have to do with his number. Anyone can guess now since I just gave a clue.
I would say that he broke the Sx 23 year streak of #3's with 4 letter first names. I guessed it had something to due with uni number two nights ago as well, but any of the other streaks I could find with the number 3's were messed up by that John Tobin guy.
That's it! Nice job! Point totals to come later. (Tomorrow.) Ryan will get most but not all since he got it after a clue was given.
Okay, Ryan gets 5, Mike and stj get 0.5 each.

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