Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hobby Turning To Obsession

Okay, I found a Globe article from October 16th which solves some 2008 schedule mysteries.

1. We avoid the Braves. So our natural rival games are split between Philly and... Arizona! Whatever. I was right about the central teams we play, and all those dates are set on the schedule.

2. It would be a series in Oakland to start the year. If we play them in Japan, that series will be two games in Japan, two in Oakland on the first week of April.

3. All the Yankee dates now set.

So, at left, I've almost got the whole thing down. Red with black lettering are home games. White with purplish text and the @ symbol are, duh, road games. White with red lettering means I know the team, but not sure of home or away, or not sure which is the off-day. And some of those have more than one team as a possibility. But this gives you a good idea of the sked.

Seth Myers on Weekend Update tonight: "A-Rod opted out of his contract...he's the perfect fit for a team with money to spend who doesn't like winning." The best part was how he was grinning ear to ear during and after the joke, knowing that everyone knows he's a Sox fan.

Well said, Seth. Jere, I hope you have a great Sunday.
Funny story. I saw your comment in my e-mail and thought you must've been referring to my more recent post about living forever, calling me "Seth." I knew Seth was a biblical name, so I looked him up, and found he lived to be 912 years old--so it made sense. Then I came here to respond, only to find you'd commented on a different post. I figured you made a mistake. Then I saw that I'd included the Seth Myers quote.
Jere, I think I love you. Or, at least, this "obsession". Thanks to this collection of information, I might be able to go to a Sox game (or three) at Yankee Stadium next year! :D
The ridiculousness of the inverse proportion between your obsession with cobbling together next year's schedule and your adamant refusal to employ a ruler while crafting said schedule is starting to really bug me...
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Where's the scribbling? The cross-outs? The FLAVOR? :)
You're right, Jere, your schedule looks way better than that guy's schedule...

To paraphrase Sheldon Mopes,

"Hold the phone. You're telling me that [the internet] is finally ready to do a show of [Jere] quality? Of [Jere] caliber?"

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