Monday, November 12, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened When I Turned Over My Celtics Ticket

Click box to play video.

It's funny, my whole life, whenever I bought tickets through Ticketmaster, the order number always started with the letters "NY." I figured it was because I was always closest to New York or whatever. Then when I got some Celtics tix afer moving up to Boston, the number still led off with "NY." Who knows if that has anything to do with this....

In other news, I got an email from mlb about Dustin winning the AL Rookie of the Year. Right next to the pic of Pedroia, with crazy-person magic necklace clearly visible, is an ad for the company that makes them. (See pic below.) They sell them through MLB anyway, so maybe they just decided to put the ad there themselves, but I wouldn't be surprised if that necklace company didn't throw in a few extra bucks to get this done. (If you don't know about the necklaces in question, they contain titanium and the company claims they make you play better, get less fatigued, climb mountains while walking on your hands, master the Gyro ball, etc., etc. Lots and lots of players swear by them. I bet you'd see no difference in the testimonials if the company put the titanium in only half the necklaces.)

Finally, click here for Michael Leggett's (unsolicited--I ain't sellin' titanium here) really awesome "review" of my 2004/2007 Rolling Rallies DVD (for sale here).

I wear one of the same company's's black and looks good. As to what the titanium does, I have no idea! Nor do I care.
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If that means taping with my video camera, importing into iMovie, then exporting to YouTube, then, sure.

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