Thursday, November 15, 2007


Nobody entered my Celtics contest. Nobody thought it was worth sending an email for a chance to win free tickets. Literally, not one person. I'd do a poll to find out why people weren't interested, but if nobody bothered to send one with a chance to win something, nobody would send one to answer a question. I do know that most of my "regulars" don't live in this area, so I understand why you wouldn't have bothered to enter. But the rest of you: Was it the fact that you'd only get 1/12th the chance of people who bought the DVD? Did you think the game was on Thanksgiving? Did you just read the first part of the post and not get to the part that said just sending an email gets you in the contest? Just no interest in this basketball team that supposedly everyone loves all of a sudden? Regardless, why not just take a shot, and if you win, sell the tickets? The Yankees (who own the ticket, according to the back--yes, they've made that mistake on all three pairs of Celts tix I've bought, all separately) wouldn't have minded. I can't figure you people out.

One person did buy the DVD, but he lives far away. Leggett also bought one before the contest was announced, and said he was fine with being in the contest even though he lives in New York, but, sorry Mike, I'm takin' my girlfriend to the game. She's gonna be very happy to hear the news. Contest winner: Me. And her.

I think you would have made an awesome McCarver to Leggett's Buck at the game...that would've been the cutest...
And I didn't enter because I didn't want to jinx the C's- they're 8-0 in games in which I'm not in attendance this year. Can't mess with that kind of mojo...

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