Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Buy My Stuff/Curt Schilling Back With Red Sox

So I made a DVD that contains the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox Rolling Rallies, which were taped by me. A donation of 12 bucks gets you both rallies. I made up a little store for this. Click here to go there and buy the DVD and get all the details. Thanks.

Wow, late night news. I love it. Schilling is reportedly "close" to that one-year deal with the Red Sox he wanted. Sweet. He's even blogged about it already.

Update: It's official. Schill back. Here's his new blog post.

Hello Jere, on this rainy Tuesday morning, a dawn that brought great news not only about Schill coming back, and HE WILL, but also that Theo is putting Mike Lowell's resigning as a top priority. The off-season starts well, my Sox friend!
PROUD To Be Your 1st Known Customer
& loved every minute of it, especially with the lack of narrating professional, as the Crowd Told The Story.

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