Friday, November 16, 2007

Buck Printing Co.

In Fenway pictures from the 70s and before, you can see the old "Buck Printing Co." sign in center field. My whole life I thought the sign was in the park, atop the bleachers. But now I'm thinking it was across the street because:

1. I read that the company itself was on Lansdowne, down past Axis and Avalon, close to where that billiards bar, Lucky Strike or Jillian's or whatever it is now.

2. The sign appears to move depending on the angle of the picture you're looking at. Sometimes it's right where the center field scoreboard is now. Other times it looks like it's well to the right.

So I think the sign was either across the street, or on the same side, but further down, where you now can peek in and see all the huge satellite trucks in that huge lot. But I'm almost positive it didn't protrude up from the back wall of the bleachers, like I always used to think.

The reason I've been looking at old pics is that I've just uploaded some old family films we have of Fenway. Of course, I've been trying to figure out the exact game. It's mid- to late-50s, and features Ted Williams. I'll post it here eventually.

Our family used to own Buck Printing. The sign was on our building at 145 Ipswich St at the corner of Landsdowne. As a kid, I used to watch the Sox from the top floor with binoculars!
That's awesome. Thanks. That sign must've been really tall since it could be seen from field-level at Fenway.
Sry to just drop in like this... To Donr, can you please email me at

I am looking for pics of Buck Printing Co...

Thank you
Peter Buck
Thanks! So it was there from at least 1953.
I am looking for Don "R" whose family owned Buck Printing. I beleive Don and I were stationed together at Fort Benning, GA back in the 1970's. This is Raymond "H"
I remember the buck printing sign from pictures of fenway park as well as seeing it in person. It brings back good memories of my youth. Its a part of fenway park during this era.
To Raymond "H" pls email @ Thanks Donr
That is great, thanks.
My father worked at Buck Printing Company for 23 years. I remember the sign! Once in a blue moon he would take me to the job & I LOVE the smell of INK! The Buck Printing sign over Fenway is a very fond memory - it seemed like it was attached to the Fenway wall to me, but I was a little kid.
Awesome! Yeah it doesn't get enough credit, that sign, haha. Was a "part" of Fenway. Thanks for your comment.
I ran accross a beautiful brass letter opener from Buck Printing Company of Boston, Mass. Was nice to know a little of its origin.
Cool-- I never really thought too much about what they actually did besides "having a sign near Fenway."
Does anyone know when the sign came down? I have a picture of Fenway, I think from 1969 or 1970, and the sign is still there.
I feel like it was still there in like 1980 but I'll have to do more research.
Sign shown here in 1946.
I too have a brass letter opener from the buck printing company and was wondering what date were these made I found it at moms house and was curious where and when she acquired it thanks
Cool. Hope you can figure out an exact date.
A Topps baseball card #152 Mario Guerrero from the 1975 set shows the sign behind the players shoulder.
Thanks! Burleson, Evans, and Beniquez also show it from that year.
Just found old reels of my Dads from 1960's of Red Sox vs Orioles at Fenway. BUCK SIGN is prominent in videos.
Cool! Are you going to put the footage online?

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