Tuesday, November 20, 2007


David Ortiz' on-base percentage was 23 points higher, his batting average was 18 points higher, he had 21 more doubles, 16 more walks, 17 fewer strikeouts, and even one more triple (in eight less games), than the "no-brainer MVP." But so what--he's got two more World Series rings. (Yeah, I was saying this stuff a long time ago, but I wanted to bring it up again now that it's official.)

Who would you rather have on your team? Who's truly more valuable? These are the real no-brainers.

That's right, Jere. Ortiz was robbed again.
Jere, an easy question...our Papi! But SFRSF, he wasn't robbed. AROD's stats were just too overwhelming for anyone. Happy holiday to both of you!!!!
A-Rod was chosen to push more Pepsi

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