Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Bi(r)d

Every month there's a sports memorabilia auction at a certain website. And every month I go to it and watch the prices on everything I want skyrocket out of my range. Formula for figuring out Jere's range: [(What he can afford) x (5) + (bonus irrational overspending fee of 25 more dollars)].

But not tonight! I am now the proud owner of a Mark "The Bird" Fidrych autographed baseball. As well as one from Angel Berroa and Rich Harden. Or Dan Haren. One of those two. The other balls came with the Fidrych one. I'd pay, mmmm, 30 bucks for a Bird ball. 25-30. I got this one, plus those other two, for 11 dollars. Sweet. (We'll see how much they charge for shipping. And I noticed on the Tiger Stadium auction there was a "buyer's premium" of, like, 28 percent. I gotta figure my grand total is no more than 20 bucks, and that's still a good deal.)

[Update, the next day: Got my invoice. 15 percent buyer's premium, plus eight bucks shipping and insurance. Total: $20.65. Close enough.]


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