Monday, November 26, 2007

Before Cask

Didn't our parent tell us "your friends in high school won't be the same friends you have as an adult"? They didn't count on the internet. I can't shake these mofos!

So, one of my HS friends and his fiance came up this weekend to see his alma mater beat Miami for the first time since the Flutie game. (In other college football news, another Mass. team beats the Bronx team. Nice.) Anyway, we met up Friday night near Fenway. When he drove past the Cask 'n' Flagon, he noticed it had been redone, as he hadn't been to the area in a few years, so he called us to change our meeting place. It would be my first time at the Cask ever.

My review: Well, I hate bars, and I don't drink, so it doesn't really matter. But as far as the look of the place, I liked it. Lots of space, and, of course, Red Sox stuff all over the place. Too stinkin' loud, though. Why do these places--supposedly spots to hang out with friends--feel the need to play music at levels such that you have to scream across the table to have a conversation? Anyway, it's always cool to be near Fenway, but it's such a different feeling without a game going on. Driving down Yawkey Way, parking under the Monster Seats--these are things you can't do on game day.

It either should or should not be noted that my friend described above is a Yankee fan.

I love bars and I do drink, but I'm not a Cask 'n is to Fenway what Cheers is to Boston...another tourist trap full of amateur drinkers and gawkers...but they do have some sweet photos/memorabilia/posters/etc. If you're there on a non-game afternoon, it's cool to wander around museum style and soak up the old-timey memories...
From my mom:

I don't remember telling MY kids that.
I love the Cask because when your Dad and I took a tour of Fenway a couple of years ago, it was 97 degrees, humidity about that high, too, and after climbing up the ramp (man, that's a long ramp)to the top of the stadium I got really dehydrated. So I told our guide I needed water and he didn't have any so I spotted a water bottles in the monster seats and left the group and stole one. Didn't make a dent. So after the tour, we got to the Cask where I told the bartender my problem and he gave me a big draft beer plus a glass of water and fries on the house because he said carbs were the answer to dehydration because I needed salt. If he'd told me to lick the floor, I probably would have gone along, he was so concerned. Soon, I was back to normal. Hence, my warm spot for the Cask. (Dad found this all very embarrassing because he's not a bar guy and doesn't know that god made bartenders to take care of all your problems.)
It's so funny to read this post after I just posted about my high school reunion that took place over the weekend at a bar in Boston. Maybe I'm a grinch, but I'm not fond of the bar scene, either. ("All the noise, noise, noise...") It's definitely not conducive to visiting with old friends and making conversation.

Also, going along with your experiences, I've found that I'm closer to more of my high school friends than college friends, too (with just a few exceptions).
As Homer said, "Ah, alcohol. The cause and cure for all our problems..."

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